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Inside and Out Medicines on How to Cure Ringworm in Cat You Must Know

Inside and Out Medicines on How to Cure Ringworm in Cat You Must Know

Are the questions on how to cure ringworm in cat bugging you lately? Ringworm is indeed one of the most annoying disease happened to a cat. The worse might also happen to kitten whose the immune systems are not as strong as cats. There are basically two medicines that cats can take. The first is the one for inside. The second is to cure from the outside. The ingredients and medicines required are not hard to get. Learn more here on how to cure ringworm in cat.

Treatments from Inside with Medicines

how to treat ringworm in cat

In curing ringworm in cat, outside and inside treatments are surely important. It is not enough to cure them from the outside only or from the inside only. This needs a balance treatment. There are four medicines an owner can take for their cats. The first is called Fluconazole; this medicine needs to be consumed every day or twice a day for several weeks until the disease is gone, the side effects are on fetus of cat, don’t ever try to give to pregnant cat because it will give them a liver dysfunction.

The next medicines are ketoconazole, itraconazole and griseofulvin.  Use ketoconazole along with the cats’ meal, the fatty ones so the absorbance of medicines can be better. The side effects are appetite lost and nausea. Itraconazole can be consumed for twice in two weeks. The usage is pretty much like the previous ones. Griseofulvin requires 4 to 6 weeks treatments. All the medicines mentioned are better to discuss with veterinary first. All have side effects especially for pregnant cat and kitten.

However, if you afraid with oral medicine’s side effect, you could tried topical cream such as Phytozine that proved to cure ringworm in human, cats and dogs. Click here to read the review

Treatments from Outside with Shampoo, Sulfur, or Cream and Talk

Every medicines and treatments have its own weakness and strengths. But it is always better to have a natural one to avoid the dangerous yet risky side effects. At least, the chemical medicines can slowly be neutral and the usage can be reduced. Shampoo is important to get the ringworm away. The next is sulfur. Sulfur is a classic medicine. The steps are you prepare water mixed with liquid and then dip the cat into it, to all over his body. The last one is talk or cream. You only need to rub them in some area infected by ringworm. You can ask your vet for the cream or you can just purchase Phytozine that proven to cure ringworm topically

After reading this, hopefully you are more aware to the question on how to cure ringworm in cat and as soon as possible find the right treatments.

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